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Privacy Policy

EPIC is committed to protecting your privacy. We request, but do not require, certain personal data for events, petitions, and campaigns. We will retain the data for as long as the petition or campaign continues, or until soon after the event concludes. We will treat name information you provide as public information. We will treat email addresses as private information and will not make public. We may use the email address to contact for purposes related to the event, petition, or campaign. In the event that any information provided will be made public (such as when you sign a petition), we will notify you on the form prior to submission.

You have the right to confirm whether or not your personal data we are processing your personal data. In the event you wish to view, receive a copy of, update, or delete personal data in EPIC’s possession at any time for any reason, please contact to make those changes.

We sometimes use third party tools or services to provide advocacy tools. The comment tool on this website uses tools provided by Salsa Labs. Information may be shared with the operators of those tools or services in connection with our use of those tools or services to carry out business or operate our website.

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