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What is Drone ID?

drone imageDrone ID is the requirement that all drones operating in the United States broadcast their purpose, location, course, surveillance capabilities (audio, video, electronic, facial recognition), and provide contact information for their actual operator. This information should be made publicly available through easily installed apps, as is done currently with vessels and airplanes. Remote ID allows people on the ground to determine the identity of a drone and to assess whether it is engageing in activities that compromise safety, privacy, or security.

The FAA's Proposed Rule

rule imageThe FAA published a notice of proposed rule for “Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft Systems." The FAA stated, "This action would require the remote identification of unmanned aircraft systems. The remote identification of unmanned aircraft systems in the airspace of the United States would address safety, national security, and law enforcement concerns regarding the further integration of these aircraft into the airspace of the United States while also enabling greater operational capabilities.” This FAA proposal envisions that within three years of the effective date of this rule, all drones operating in the airspace of the United States will be compliant with the remote identification requirement. However, the proposed rule limits access to information about drones to federal agencies and law enforcement.

The FAA Drone ID Rule Should:

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  • Make clear that the remote identification of drones is necessary not only "to ensure public safety and the safety and efficiency of the airspace of the United States,” as the FAA states, but also "to protect the privacy and civil liberties of those living in the United States.”
  • Require the Remote ID USS (the service companies) to make all drone data available to the general public through apps, as is currently done with vessels and planes. Access to drone IDs and associated information should not be limited to federal Agencies and law enforcement.
  • Require the FAA to provide information to the public about how to easily obtain information about drones, including ID, purpose, location, and course.
  • The FAA should ensure all drones operated by federal agencies transmit actual ID to the general public.
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